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The origins of Sealium®

Created and registered by Alcan Marine, this aluminum alloy, called Sealium®, optimizes the overall productivity of shipbuilders and the performance of ships in general, as it makes ships more robust, safer and more user-friendly.

For vessels of less than 50 m length, they benefit from improved sampling, which results in:

  • structural weight savings on patrol boats
  • increased resistance on service vessels
  • additional interior space in luxury yachts.

Chemical composition of Sealium®

% Si Fe Cu Mn Mg Cr Zn Ti Zr other (max.)
min. 0,7 4,0 each: 0,05
Max. 0,25 0,25 0,20 1.0 5.2 0,25 0,40 0,15 0,20 total 0,15
Reste: Al. (The limits are in maximum percentage unless otherwise indicated)

Différences between Sealium® and 5083 standard alloy

Benefits of Sealium®

  • welded strength limit 15% higher than standard 5083 alloy
  • increase of the safety margin of the same samples
  • significant weight savings (20% than standard 5083 alloy) thanks to optimized samples
  • improved corrosion resistance and increased resistance to fatigue
  • same properties of use as alloy 5083
  • formability: same cutting, flexing and shaping
  • welding: no change in welding procedure, consumables or heat-induced deformation
  • greater recycling value for the Sealium® welded assembly.

Disadvantage of Sealium®

  • Sealium® is less malleable than AG4.
    Sealium® is 25% more expensive than AG4.
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