A port and coastal “multi-purpose”


The shipyard “Squalt marine international” builds this type of “multi-purpose” all-aluminum boat, capable of carrying out assistance, surveillance, towing and other work assignments.


With a double propulsion, this boat has a more 20 knots speed to intervene quickly in the ports.

With great maneuverability, it can tow, push, lift, transport equipment. It can also assist boaters and provide observation missions.

The main features are:

• Length 7.50 m,

• Width 2.50 m,

• Draft 0.20 m.

This boat is approved “professional”.

It is equipped with:

• a removable lifting crane,

• a removable bulwark door,

• hull protections all around the boat,

• one or two bittons,

• a diving ladder.

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Based on this very exceptional feedback on 30 years of construction and navigation, we used to say:

Having Squalt marine international as builder of his boat, it’s choosing the boat that you need!

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