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Adventure project:

By becoming CO-OWNER of a sailing catamaran CK64  (20 meters in length) with all the necessary comfort, currently under construction by the shipyard “Squalt marine international” and planned to sail for 7 years on all seas from the middle of 2018.

This CK64 catamaran is also called “Adventure” .

A video explains the main principles of this Adventure project.

  • For the acquisition of one Part *, the boat is available 4 weeks by year in one or two times over a period of 7 years (duration of the world tour).

  • For the acquisition of a half (1/2) Part *, either the boat is available 2 weeks by year for 4 cabins or you have only 2 cabins, but for 4 weeks by year over a period of 7 years.

Several people can jointly buy one Part, since it is divisible into 2 or 4, the CK64 arranging 4 large double cabins.

*For more explanations and in particular on the conditions and the amounts of acquisition,

 ask for our dedicated PDF through the form below  

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The resale value of the boat after 7 years is estimated between 65% and 75% of the new purchase cost, this type of aluminum boat being rare and sought after.

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Based on this very exceptional feedback on 30 years of construction and navigation, we used to say:

Having Squalt marine international as builder of his boat, it’s choosing the boat that you need!

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