This dry dock has been developed for 20 years by Claude KERMOAL and architect François LUCAS.

It is built in steel and aluminum by Squalt marine international.


This boats fairing center is essential for maintenance and refit.

In an environment of commercial ports and also marinas, it establishes the ideal tool for the fairing of boats, raising boats up to 400 tons, in complete safety for the men as for the environment (respect for the standards of rejections in European waters).

Multi-purpose, this dry dock is used at sea (metallic pickets or anchors), moored along a platform either on a working zone on the ground.

It is very easy to operate.

According to their sizes, 2 boats can take place there at the same time.

It can be equipped according to your needs with cranes, desalinators, high-pressure washing, electric generator, etc.

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Based on this very exceptional feedback on 30 years of construction and navigation, we used to say:

Having Squalt marine international as builder of his boat, it’s choosing the boat that you need!

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