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Why did Squalt Marine International choose aluminum?

For more than 30 years, Claude KERMOAL has been building its aluminum boats for the following qualities:

Lightness and resistance:

Additionally, with its exceptional properties of strength and resistance, an aluminum hull can take more of a beating than a polyester one for example.

An aluminum boat is therefore safer and better suited navigation on the high seas.


Aluminum also offers the advantage of an incomparable longevity.

Little maintenance is required and the structure doesn’t deteriorate over the years.

An aluminum boat doesn’t have a lifetime limit.

Another major asset of aluminum is its remarkable resistance to corrosion.

High resistance to corrosion :

The experts consider the longevity of aluminum boats as permanent.

The possible problems of galvanic corrosion on aluminum hulls are due to electrolysis and to the contact between aluminum and stainless steel parts.

The boats of the shipyard “Squalt marine international” are carefully built to avoid any contact of the stainless parts with the aluminum.

Electricity is carried out professionally in bipolar with insulation transformer and leak tester. Cables are in H07 RN-F marine quality and protected in shafts and pipes to avoid wear due to a friction.


The robustness of an aluminum hull is reassuring. It doesn’t creak at sea and doesn’t smell.

Customized accommodation:

Aluminum offers more freedom when planning the accommodation.

Thus, it is possible to adapt each boat to the specific needs of the customers and owners.

It is quite conceivable to modify the layout or even the superstructures.


Safety at sea is a major concern for every owner. Aluminum doesn’t burn in the atmosphere and doesn’t fuel a fire.

Resale value:

Aluminum boats are extremely sustainable and keep their value on the resale of the boat, because the structure does not wear out and does not deteriorate in the time.


A very good environmental result! in contrast with composite, aluminum is fully recycled at end of life.

Moreover, it generates little secondary pollution because of the minimal maintenance it requires.

The types of metal selected:

Squalt Marine International has made the double choice of welded shell constructions:

  • in Sealium®
  • or aluminum alloys 5083 H111 & 6060.
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